About Us

In 2017 Open-Joint Stock Company VIZAS Works (former Vitebsk Tool Grinding Machinery Manufacturing Works) celebrated its 120th anniversary.

    Since 1940 the enterprise specializes in tool sharpening machine production and now it's the only enterprise in CIS that produces equipment for sharpening and manufacturing of all cutting tools.

    OJSC VIZAS Works offers a wide product range:

  • tool and cutter grinders, CNC tool and cutter grinders (with CNC made by SIEMENS and HEIDENHEIN);
  • special broach sharpening machines;
  • hob sharpening machines;
  • gear cutting head grinders;
  • milling head sharpening machines;
  • circular saw sharpening machines;
  • drill, countersink, tap and billet sharpening machines;
  • drill bit sharpening machines;
  • machines for tool (drill) grinding from solid-hardened blanks;
  • woodworking tool grinding machines.

    The enterprise employs about 500 people. Its staff produces precision machinery as well as designs and supplies software for CNC machines. The enterprise cooperated with WALTER AG, Tubingen, Germany in the field of CNC tool and cutter grinder production, and with several Belgian companies such as AJMT, D’Hulster, Constant Philips in the field of woodworking machine production.

    Machines produced by the enterprise operate in more than 60 countries over the world. The enterprise is located on the area of 200.000 m2. The total area of industrial buildings is 80.000 m2.

    Our workshops are equipped with efficient and precise equipment of home and foreign manufacture. There is a high-frequency current hardening department, cog-wheel production department, automated department with processing centers, laser marking device, thermogalvanic department, painting and packing department.

    The enterprise takes pride in its well-developed infrastructure, which includes tool-making and repair services and warehouses.

    High quality of the produced machinery is ensured by the quality-control department, which includes testing and measuring laboratories.

    Enterprise’s logistic department enables delivery of components and materials and shipping of complete products.