The G 450 gear generating grinding is an innovative, compact and extremely flexible gear grinding machine.

The G 450 has been especially developed for very low cycle times and for top-quality and efficient mass production of gears with outside diameters up to 450 mm and shafts with lengths up to 550 mm.

This gear generating grinding machine can equally use profile and worm grinding wheels, both in ceramic and in electroplated CBN. Simple design concepts in terms of tooling and dressing technology, fast automation and amazing user-friendliness are the strengths behind this unique machine.

The work spindle mounted on a rotating table simplifies the loading/unloading operation as well as the tooling operations. The dressing spindle is mounted on the rotating table as well, but diametrically opposite to the work spindle.

Main advantages:

  • Customer-oriented solutions for each application
  • Grinding of every kind of workpieces and complex geometries
  • Ideal for small-medium production batches
  • Grinding of big module possible
  • Easy tooling loading and unloading operations
  • High thermal and mechanical stability

Technical Data

G 450
Workpiece diameter, max., mm
Module range, mn 
0.5 – 0.7
Workpiece length, max
Face windth, max, mm
Helix angle degree
+45° / -45°
Grinding wheel dia., mm
120 max / 90min
Grinding wheel width, mm
Grinding speed, max., m/s
Dressing tool dia.,mm
Machine dimensions, L x W x H, mm
Controls Siemens
Sinumerik 840 D sl
The parameters marked with (*) are specified at the stage of the technical task coordination.

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Gear Generating Grinding G 450

  • Brand: Samputensili
  • Product Code: G 450
  • Availability: Pre-Order

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