The GP 500 H gear profile grinding machine features an array of innovations and establishes at the same time the new improved base for all machines of the horizontal profile grinding machine of the Samputensili G series.

The GP 500 H is a gear profile grinding machine that mounts an additional NC axis, allowing you to work with two separate spindles instead of just one. Both spindles can accommodate one grinding wheel or even two-wheel sets. Single gearings are roughed on the first spindle and finish ground on the second, with one grinding wheel mounted on each spindle. Two gearings on one shaft can be roughed and finished with wheel sets on each spindle without the need for tool changes.

Spindle variants are available with different power outputs and speeds for different grinding wheel sizes. Even internal gear manufacturing no longer requires tool change thanks to this new twin drive principle.

Now format changes are executed considerably faster than before. This is true for changes between external and internal grinding spindles as well, since simple adapter interfaces can be connected quickly and easily by the machine operator. The GP 500 H employs electroplated CBN or dressable corundum grinding wheels depending on the workpiece requirements, delivery time and batch size to be manufactured.

Main advantages:

  • Roughing and finishing in a single setup without the need for tool change
  • Profile grinding of gears, shafts with separate gearings, rotors, worms and screw-type workpieces
  • Internal grinding through twin spindle principle
  • Fast format changes via quick-change adaptors
  • Modular software
  • Automation with integrated checking possible

Technical Data

GP 500 H (HL)
Workpiece diameter, max.
mm 500
Module, max.
mn 0.5 – 15.0
Profile depth, max
mm 35
Workpiece length, max
mm 1,250 (2,150 HL)
Centre dist. work spindle / tool spindle
mm 15 – 380
Tool spindle power
kW 5.5 / 16
Ceramic wheel diameter
mm 30 – 300
Grinding spindle speed, max.
rpm 40.000
Workpiece weight, max.
kg 350
Machine weight, including standard equipment
kg 15,000 (16,000 HL)
The parameters marked with (*) are specified at the stage of the technical task coordination.

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Gear Profile Grinding GP 500 H

  • Brand: Samputensili
  • Product Code: GP 500 H
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