• Semiautomatic cylindrical grinding centerless VZ-1080KF2

Centerless machines are used in the bearing, automotive, tractor and metallurgical industries. Centerless grinding provides high stability of parts in quality and size, eliminates the deflections of blanks, which allows you to apply more intense grinding modes and reduce the allowance for processing. Reducing or fully combining the machining time and auxiliary time associated with the installation and removal of parts from the machine and checking the dimensions.

A great deal of attention during machining should be given to the adjustment of the grinding wheel. For a rational distribution in the contact zone, four main sections that perform different functions are created on the cutting surface of the circle.

Centerless grinding of the surface with transverse or longitudinal feeding of the workpiece, as well as incision grinding, allows achieving high rigidity of the "machine tool - tool - detail" system. This facilitates surface processing at a higher speed, significantly increasing productivity.

Our company offers a circular grinding machine centerless model VZ-1080KF2. Semi-automatic machine is designed for grinding smooth, stepped, conical and shaped surfaces, such as bodies of rotation, methods of cutting or through grinding. Products from cast iron, steel, non-ferrous metals and their alloys are grinded before and after heat treatment, as well as products from various nonmetallic materials with appropriate selection of the abrasive tool and the material of the supporting knife. On the basis of a semi-automatic machine, special machine-tools with a loading and unloading device can be manufactured.

The parameters marked with (*) are specified at the stage of the technical task coordination.

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Semiautomatic cylindrical grinding centerless VZ-1080KF2

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