• Semiautomatic cylindrical grinding centerless VZ-1160F2

Semiautomatic VZ-1160F2, being the products of our enterprise, is designed for conducting round centerless external surface grinding. The machine performs grinding of various (conical, smooth, stepped, shaped) surfaces of cast iron, steel or non-ferrous metal.

Semiautomatic VZ-1160F2 is able to implement the following options for processing blanks:

  • grinding with longitudinal feed
  • grinding mortise.

Grinding with longitudinal feeding is applicable when grinding a billet that is much longer than the width of the grinding wheel. When the feed is longitudinal, the table moves transversely.

Mortising grinding is applicable when the height of the circle is greater than or equal to the length of the ground surface. When grinding external surfaces, the product or tool rotates around its axis. It is also possible to feed the workpiece circularly along with the grinding tool feed. This method of grinding is actively used in large-scale production.

Centerless grinding, being the most productive process, is characterized by the fact that the blanks to be processed are rotated and ground without fastening in the centers. The workpiece is attached to the support knife between the working and feeding wheels. In this case, all movements of the blank and tool, as well as for other types of grinding, are allowed without exception.

Centerless round external grinding is regularly used in modern machine building firms.

The parameters marked with (*) are specified at the stage of the technical task coordination.

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Semiautomatic cylindrical grinding centerless VZ-1160F2

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