Thanks to our long experience in the manufacturing of high-quality gear cutting tools, we can provide the perfect machine for the customers who wants perfect final products.

The HRG 350 hob relief grinding machine is especially suited for the manufacturing of all kinds of different hob types, including helical hobs and threads. The machine guarantees top quality results with minimum cycle times.

Main advantages:

  • Flexible with internal dressing device
  • Minimum cycle times
  • Accommodates all grinding wheels currently on the market
  • Siemens 840D CNC with mobile operator panel
  • The X and Z axes are directly driven by digital linear motors with flat prismatic guides
  • No mechanical transmission or backlash
  • Profile relief grinding of solid hobs and form cutter disc


HRG 350

Max. outside diameter
mm 300
Max. workpiece length
mm 850
Max. grinding length
mm 450
Module range mm 0.6 – 10 (25)
Machine data:

Outside diameter of grinding wheel
mm 30 – 100 (200)
Grinding spindle speed range
rpm 0 – 28.000
Speed rate of relieving slide
stroke / min 0 – 300
Helix angle
degrees +/- 45
Grinding wheel – workpiece axes crossing offset
degrees 0 – 25
Dressing spindle speed range
rpm 0 – 9.000
The parameters marked with (*) are specified at the stage of the technical task coordination.

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Hob Profile Grinding HRG 350

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  • Product Code: HRG 350
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