The metalworking-2017 exhibition in Minsk

The metalworking-2017 exhibition in Minsk

Dear visitors!

We invite you to visit the stand №B2

at an exhibition metalworking-2017.

((Football arena, Minsk, pr-tpobeditel 20/2) 

 Full information on the equipment released by JSC zavod «VIZAS will be provided to your attention:

  • semiautomatic devices with ChPU for production and sharpening of any kinds of the cutting tools, including the trailer tool, worm mills, zuborezny heads, broaches, face mills;
  • gear grinding, shlitseshlifovalny, profileshlifovalny and rezboshlifovalny semiautomatic devices with CNC;
  • devices for control of cogwheels and the zuboreznykh of heads;
  • universal tool-grinding equipment and devices.

Specialists of the enterprise with pleasure will answer all questions interesting you!

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