Partnership with Omsk State Technical University

Partnership with Omsk State Technical University

    OJSC "VIZAS" Works signed an agreement on cooperation with the Omsk State Technical University.

    Cooperation was started in 2008, from that time for OmSTU laboratories were produced grinding machines with CNC models VZ-700F4 and VZ-750F4. In different years for the OJSC "VIZAS" Works, students of the educational institution were trained in programming.

    The purpose of the Agreement is to expand cooperation and strengthen all-round ties in the field of science, new technologies and innovation, promote scientific and technical cooperation, practical implementation of scientific developments in areas of mutual interest.

    The following tasks are set:

- carrying out joint research and development;

– joint patenting of protectable results of research and development;

- use of the technical base of the Omsk State Technical University as a training center for programmers and operators of CNC grinding machines produced by OJSC "VIZAS" Works;

- development of software and production of experimental processing of products;

- joint organization and holding of scientific and technical conferences, seminars, exhibitions, training and other events on the subject of interest to the Party, with mutual invitation of specialists from Parties to participate in these events or to carry out research.

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