• Air cleaning unit

The air cleaning unit AOV-1 is designed for removing and cleaning air saturated with oil-based lubricants (coolant) aerosols from the working area of metal-cutting machines with a Cabinet fence having an internal volume of up to 5 m3. The device provides the following parameters of the air in the working area of the machine: for chemical factor-2nd class, for dust factor-2nd class according to tables 1 and 3 of the SanPiN "Hygienic classification of working conditions", approved by the decree of the Ministry of health of the Republic of Belarus dated 28.12.2012, No. 211. It is installed vertically, through vibration supports, both on the fence of the metal-cutting machine, and in the immediate vicinity of it. In this case, the polluted air is supplied to the unit through a hose attached to the inlet pipe.


  • the design of the unit allows you to return the collected coolant back to the workflow;
  • reliability of operation; 
  • high performance.

Technical proposal
The parameters marked with (*) are specified at the stage of the technical task coordination.
Productivity (with a clean filter), m3 / h, not less 550
Diameter of the inlet hole, mm 150
type of current three-phase, variable
current frequency, Hz 50
voltage, V 380
Electric motor power, kW 0,55
Overall dimensions (height, diameter), mm 420х305
Weight, kg 28

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Air cleaning unit

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