Software package is intended for preparation control programs for CNC Tool Grinding Centers manufactured by OJSC VIZAS Works with Siemens 810D, 840D control units. Control programs are used for cutting tool manufac-turing on CNC Tool Grinding Centers. Software package is used by manufacturing engineer of tool workshop.

Software package for preparation CNC control programs is an independent WINDOWS application, which is executed on a personal computer, and its result – control program is sent to Tool Grinding Center control unit. Software package has simple user-friendly interface. Engineer without deep knowledge of CNC programming, theory of cutting tool and spiral surfaces can prepare control program for tool manufacturing. Control program for special type of a tool is generated automatically. Initial data for tool geometry calculation are set according to the tool drawing using graphical interface (screen 1).

Also you need to specify geometrical data of grinding wheels package (screen 2) and data of grinding proc-ess-technological data (screen 3).

After all initial data are set, software simulate the process of chip flute grinding. Result of simulation is a face section of a tool that displayed on the screen (screen 4).

Then software automatically selects Grinding Center settings and the path of grinding wheel movement re-garding the workpiece in such way, to obtain required tool parameters. If you want to simulate the process of grinding of several surfaces (tooth rake and back, grinding of step tool…), you can display any of that surfaces or combination of surfaces. After finishing of calculation software automatically generates CNC control program for required tool (screen 5) and transfers it to Grinding Center control via standard cable (RS232, USB, ETHERNET). Software gives an ability to view 3D model of virtually ground tool (screen 6) under different angles and to see different sections of a tool. In a section you can measure linear and angular tool parameters.

CD with software package delivery set includes:

installation CD of software package for preparation CNC control programstexts of CNC control programs

installation guide

manual instructions

program for downloading the control program from personal computer to grinder control via RS232 interface

electronic protection key

Software pack for preparation CNC control programs is developed for Win98 OS. Minimal system requirements:

800MHz frequency processor

RAM 256 Mb

40 Mb free space on hard drive

screen resolution 1024х768


Download information in PDF format
The parameters marked with (*) are specified at the stage of the technical task coordination.

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Software Package For Preparation CNC Control Programs

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