To sophisticated gear cutting tools include cutting heads of the broach for cutting straight and circular conical wheels. Mostly they are used in shipbuilding (wheel-drive), the manufacture of gear reducers for mining (crusher), oil and gas equipment (drilling the rotors) and in heavy engineering (reducer).

Semi OT-441Ф2 used for sharpening gear cutting heads with straight and circular teeth for bevel wheels. Sharpening is a conical surface albore, diamond or abrasive wheels. The machine is presented in a vertical arrangement and has lateral and vertical movement of grinding head with oscillatory motion with the use of coolant.

Sharpened cutting head is fixed on the shaft of the workpiece headstock and determine the position of the sharpening. For sharpening double-sided heads produce two units: one for the inner cutters, the other for the outer.

Design advantages of the machine:

  • rough and finish sharpening gear cutting heads is 1 cycle without an operator;
  • CNC system allows you to adjust the modes required for sharpening and grinding wheel;
  • it provides a high performance mechanical actuator transverse and vertical movement of the wheelhead and movement of the workhead;
  • fast and accurate setting of the machine is carried out through the use of feedback sensors for measuring the transverse movement of the wheelhead, tilt headstock spindle.

Video semiautomatic CNC Grinding Machine For Gear Shaping Heads VZ-441F2

Technical description
The parameters marked with (*) are specified at the stage of the technical task coordination.
Product Indicators, machined:
Size of the blank to be installed gear-shaping heads 80...500
gear-shaping broaches up to 630
Max. height of the ground gear, mm 50
Performance tool that is installed on the machine:
Dimensions of the installed wheel, mm Grinding wheel diameter, mm 350
Indicators of primary and secondary movements:
Spindle speed, rev / min 1500
The frequency of oscillation, dv.hod / min 220
Indicators Power of machine:
Power of the main motion motor, kW Main motion drive, kW 2,2
The total capacity of electrical equipment, kW 5,8
Dimensional characteristics:
Dimensions (LxWxH) mm 2210×1700×1980 (with separately located equipment)
Weight, kg 4000

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Semiautomatic CNC Grinding Machine For Gear Shaping Heads VZ-441F2

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