The center is manufactured according to the performance specification, approved by the Buyer, has its original model number and is designed for chip grooves grinding and for sharpening of various cutters made of high-speed steel and carbide composition along different surfaces by highly-resistant abrasive, boron nitride and diamond grinding wheels with cooling.

The enterprise releases special grinding and tool-grinding a five-coordinate semiautomatic device with CNC VZ-454F4. The machine makes grinding of flutes, the cutting surfaces of tools, consecutive one or several grinding wheels in the automatic mode. The semiautomatic device is capable to sharpen the diverse cutting tool on various surfaces.

Turning of products on a semiautomatic device is carried out by means of the operating programs developed by the customer agrees the instruction for programming attached to a semiautomatic device. At the request of the customer programs for concrete products are developed and delivered by the manufacturer under the separate contract. The design of a semiautomatic device provides an opportunity from work with the COMPUTER of the highest rank. Electric equipment of a semiautomatic device gives the chance of operation the machine in the class P-II by " Rules of devices electroinstallations ".

It is possible to grind other workpieces with complex form surfaces on the center.Application of SIEMENS SINUMERIK 810D CNC device ensures high quality center control and reliable undis-turbed operation.Machine travels are achieved by synchronous motors with SIEMENS SIMODRIVE 611D digital drives.

Video CNC Sharpening And Grinding Center VZ-454F4
The parameters marked with (*) are specified at the stage of the technical task coordination.
Product Indicators, machined:
Size of the blank to be installed Max. diameter of the workpiece installed in the collet chunk, mm 25
Max. diameter of the workpiece installed over swiveling table, mm 200
Max. length of the workpiece installed in the collet chunk, mm 160
Parameters of working and adjustment travels:
Max. working travels along controlled coordinate axes: X, mm 200
Y, mm 200
Z, mm 200
Number of controlled axes total 5
simultaneously 4
Performance tool that is installed on the machine:
Dimensions of the installed wheel, mm Max. diameter of the grinding wheel, mm 150
Indicators of primary and secondary movements:
Spindle speed, rev / min 2000...6000
Indicators Power of machine:
Power of the main motion motor, kW 2,2
Dimensional characteristics:
Dimensions (LxWxH) mm 2870×2100×2400
Weight, kg 3050

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CNC Sharpening And Grinding Center VZ-454F4

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Tools made on the machine

  • End mills
  • Bor milling cutters

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