A modern cutting tool is made of high-speed steel and a hard alloy. For professional manufacture and sharpening of the end cylindrical, conical, radius, disc cutters, drills, taps, reamers, etc. Our company offers grinding and sharpening center with CNC VZ-531F4.

Semiautomatic sharpening and grinding machine, further referred to as the "semiautomatic machine" is manufactured under the performance specification approved by the Buyer. The semiautomatic machine is designed for manufacturing and grinding of the point cylindrical, conical, radius milling cutters, circular cutoff saws, drills, taps, broaching bits, etc. Made of high-speed steel and carbide material by highly resistant diamond, CBN and abrasive grinding wheels with coolant-cutting fluid. When using extra options, the technical capabilities of the semiautomatic machine allow grinding disc cam profiles, worm lateral profiles, performing gear-grinding of cylindrical gears, slots of indexing plates and other similar operations.

The semiautomatic machine is equipped with SINUMERIC 840Dsl CNC device by SIEMENS (Germany) which provides:

  • high-quality control, reliable and trouble free operation;
  • solution for a number of machining tasks: from axis positioning to performing of any travel using interpolation;
  • free programming;
  • opportunity to exchange information with host computer.

We allow the replacement of purchased components for others that provide technical characteristics.

Video grinding and sharpening center with CNC VZ-531F4

Technical description
The parameters marked with (*) are specified at the stage of the technical task coordination.

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Grinding and sharpening center with CNC VZ-531F4-01

  • Product Code: VZ-531F4-01
  • Availability: Pre-Order

Tools made on the machine

  • End mills
  • Bor milling cutters

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