•  Semiautomatic special CNC thread-grinding VZ-678F4
The semiautomatic machine is manufactured according to the performance specification approved by the Buyer. The semiautomatic machine is designed for profile grinding of work piece external helical surfaces with the use of coolant-cutting fluid.

Technical specifications
Max. diameter of the blank, mm 350*
Max. length of the blank, mm 600*
Max. grinding length, mm 450*
Max. helix angle, left and right ones, deg. 30
Max./min. diameter of the grinding wheel to be installed, mm 350/250
Diameter of the dressing diamond roll, mm 150
Rotational speed of the grinding wheel, rpmVAR]1500…2750*
Number of controlled coordinate axes 6
Max. working travels along controlled coordinate axes:VAR] 
- longitudinal travel of the table with the blank (X-axis), mmVAR]600
- cross travel of the grinding wheel (Z-axis), mm (ось Z); 300
- vertical travel of the grinding wheel (Y-axis), mm 300
- of the dressing mechanism carriage (U-axis), mm 80
- swivel of the workpiece headstock spindle (А-axis), deg. unlimited
- swivel of the wheelhead to the helix angle of the tooth (C-axis), deg. ±30
Max. working feeds along controlled coordinate axes:  
- Х-axis, m/min 10
- Y-, Z- and U-axes, m/min 6
- A-axis, rpm 300
- C-axis, rpm 2
Discreteness of travel assignments along coordinate axes:  
- linear, mm 0,001
- circular, deg. 0,001
Precision of helical surface grinding on pitch, length 300 mm, mm 0,005
Power of the main motion motor, kW 4
Nature of supply AC, 3-phase
Nature of supply 380±10%
Current frequency, Hz 50
Overall dimensions (LxWxH), mm 3000х2600х2350*
Weight, kg 8000

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Semiautomatic special CNC thread-grinding VZ-678F4

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