•  CNC Semiautomatic Hob-Grinding Machine VZ-715F4

Worm cutters are the main type of tool for finishing, roughing and precision cutting. Like any other cutting tool, the teeth of the cutters wear out and require sharpening. Sharpening of worm mills is quite a difficult task, requiring a professional approach.

For sharpening on the front surface of the teeth of the tail and cone worm mills, the enterprise produces a special grinding machine with CNC VZ-715F4. Semi-automatic machine allows sharpening multi-input and single-pass worm cutters with straight and screw-like (right and left) chip flutes. The grinding process is performed in an automatic cycle. Installation and removal of the product is done manually.

Control of the drives as well as the cycle of the semi-automatic machine is carried out by the CNC SINUMERIK 828D manufactured by SIEMENS. The control program of the semi-automatic machine grinds the cutters in draft and finishing mode on one tooth of the milling cutter with the subsequent division into the next tooth, draft and final turnaround (double stroke - division) with different values of the contour speed.

The semi-automatic machine is equipped with a hydroelectric station, which carries out:

  • clip-expansion of tailstock with adjustable speed and adjustable clamping force;
  • entering into the measuring zone and outputting the measuring sensor from it with adjustable speed and adjustable clamping force;
  • lubrication of the carriage of the transverse carriage, the vertical carriage and the straightening carriage.

The working area of the semiautomatic device is closed by a folding screen of the fence. On the guard there is a control panel. On the back surface of the housing there is a system for supplying lubricating-cooling liquid to the working zone, its collection and purification.

Semi-automatic machine has high reliability and efficiency. The accuracy of the processing corresponds to the technical requirements of the AA class in accordance with GOST 9324-80.

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The parameters marked with (*) are specified at the stage of the technical task coordination.
Cooling system indicators
Tank volume, l 160
The pump capacity, l/min 90
Indicators characteristics of the hydraulic drive
Oil grade for hydraulic IGNSP-20 GOST 17216-71
Tank volume, l 25
The electric motor of the hydraulic drive Power, kW: 1,1
Rotation frequency, min-1: 1500
The pump capacity, l/min 82
Magnetic separator
Productivity, l/min 100
Product Indicators, machined:
Grinding pull block The range of longitudinal travel speed, m/min: 0,5 - 6,0
Max. cross wheelhead travel, mm: 120
Size of the blank to be installed Limits of the diameters of hobs to be ground, mm 40-200
Max. length of the arbor-type hobs, mm 250
Max. depth of the chip grooves/modules to be ground, mm 50/14
Number of chip grooves, pcs. 1..99
Angle of helix of the chip grooves (left and right), deg. 0..25
Limits of the face angles, deg. 0..10
Parameters of working and adjustment travels:
Max. working travels along controlled coordinate axes: Max. longitudinal travel of grinding slide, mm: 400
Max. cross travel of wheelhead, mm: 120
Max. angle of rotation of the headstock spindle, deg: not limited
The frequency of rotation of the grinding spindle, min-1.: 1780, 2100
Number of controlled axes 2
Performance tool that is installed on the machine:
Dimensions of the installed wheel, mm diameter of the abrasive grinding wheel (type 3) with profile angle α=20 deg. to GOST 2424-83, mm 200,250
Indicators of primary and secondary movements:
Discreteness of travel assignments along coordinate axes linear, mm: 0,001
circular, deg.: 0.001
Spindle speed, rev / min 1780, 2100
Indicators Power of machine:
Grinding spindle drive power, kW Power, kW: 2,2
Rotation frequency, min-1: 3000
Electrical equipment specifications
AC current frequency, Hz 50±1
El. motor drive transverse movement of the grinding headstock Power, kW: 0,37
Rotation frequency, min -1: 1500
Motor reducer drive the rotation of the grinding head Power, kW: 0,37
Rotation frequency, min -1: 1500
Nature of supply AC, 3-phase
The electric motor drive cooling pump Power, kW: 0,75
Rotation frequency, min -1: 3000
The motor of magnetic separator Power, kW: 0,25
Rotation frequency, min -1: 750
Voltage, V 380±38
Dimensional characteristics:
Dimensions (LxWxH) mm 2700×1600×1700 (without separately placed equipment)
Noise level The noise characteristic corresponds to the values specified in GOST 12.2.107-80 and SN 3223
Weight, kg 4500 (with separately located equipment)
Characteristics of the main nodes
Headstock Internal taper of spindle according to GOST 15945-82 : Cone 40
Headstock rear The displacement of the carriage from center, mm: 280
The dressing mechanism The value of the automatic movement diamond, mm: 70
the range of speeds of movement of the diamond m/min: 0,1-1,0

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CNC Semiautomatic Hob-Grinding Machine VZ-715F4

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