• Gear cutting machine with CNC for bevel gears VZ-720 F4

The CNC machine for conical wheels of the VZ-720F4 model produced by the JSC "VIZAS" plant is designed for roughing and finishing of conical and hypoid wheels with circular teeth of structural and alloy steels with a hardness of HB ≤ 240.

Depending on the requirements for the quality of the machining, the cutting can be carried out by running-in and incision with a single division, and also by the method of continuous division (rolling), both with standard incisors with incised cutters and with special incisors with sharpened carbide cutters.

The machine is a new generation equipment in relation to the previously manufactured machines of the Saratov Heavy Gear Machine. The design with fully decoupled kinematics, applied modern electronic and mechanical components, original software allowed to ensure high accuracy and productivity of processing due to automation of the technological process, a considerable reduction of time for adjustment, adjustment and readjustment.

The program control of the cutting process allows to dramatically decrease the time during the readjustment, to realize the process of chiselling of the conical pair for two plants, which makes the machine particularly attractive for small-scale and single production. Since the created machine is the base, on its basis, depending on the requirements and wishes of the customer, it is possible Manufacture of machines of the required standard size, equipment, etc.

The free programming principle applied in the software product developed for the machine allows you to independently create programs for cutting gears, use the existing experience of the specialists of existing production facilities, enabling the introduction of initial data from the maps of setting up traditional (not CNC) machines with automatic translation into the data of the CNC system.

The software allows to ensure the accumulation of a data bank of cut wheels according to the designation of parts (at least 50 names), with the parameters of the used gearhead being entered on the screen and mandatory confirmation thereof; In addition, it allows you to simulate on the screen the location of the supposed tooth contact spot in the transmission, depending on the machine setting parameters.

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The parameters marked with (*) are specified at the stage of the technical task coordination.
Cooling system indicators
Tank volume, l 250
The pump capacity, l/min 60
Indicators characteristics of the hydraulic drive
Maximum pressure, MPa 3,2
Tank volume, l 30
The pump capacity, l/min 10
Product Indicators, machined:
Indicators of workhead spindle The taper hole of spindle metric 100<1:20
Diameter of through hole spindle, mm 80
Size of the blank to be installed The greatest diameter of the initial circumference of the cut wheels, mm: 400

Most of the mechanical module, mm: 10

The greatest height of the tooth cut wheels, mm: 22

The highest average length forming a primary cone of the cut wheel with a helix angle of tooth 30° when machining gear cutting head with a diameter of 320 mm,mm: 180

Maximum width of ring gear, mm: 80

The greatest angle of inclination of the spiral tooth: 60°

Limits of numbers of teeth of the cut wheel: 5-160

The highest gear ratio of the cut wheel at an angle between axes 90° : 10:1
The smallest angle of the initial cone of the cut wheel : 5°
Parameters of working and adjustment travels:
Max. working travels along controlled coordinate axes: Cross travel (X-axis), mm; from +150 to -550

Vertical movement (Y-axis), mm; from +230 to -230

Longitudinal travel (Z-axis), mm 370

The angle of rotation of the spindle of the workpiece headstock (a-axis) not limited

The angle of the table with the headstock from the original position (axis) +5° to -90°

The angle of rotation of the tool spindle headstock (C axis) not limited
Number of controlled axes total: 6
interpolated (X, Y, A, C): 4
Performance tool that is installed on the machine:
Номинальные диаметры резцовых головок: metric, mm; 160, 200, 250, 320
inch: 6", 7.5", 9", 12"
the diameters of the seats for gear-cutting heads, mm: 58,23; 127
Indicators of primary and secondary movements:
Discreteness of travel assignments along coordinate axes linear, mm: 0,001
circular 0,0001°
Max. speed of working unit travels linear axes X, Y, Z, m/min: 5
circular axes A and C, min-1: 400
on a circular axis, min-1: 5
Indicators Power of machine:
Rated power/ torque of the drives Rated power/ torque of the tool spindle (axle), kW/H.7,1 m/340*

Rated power/ torque of the drive spindle of the workpiece headstock (a-axis), kW/H.m a 3.1/150*

Rated power/ torque of the drives of the axes X, Y, Z, V, kW/H.m 5/16*
Parameters of accuracy and roughness:
Аccuracy and roughness of samples machining Precision machining sample products 6 degree according to GOST 1758-81
The roughness of the surfaces of the teeth RA 1,25
Electrical equipment specifications
AC current frequency, Hz 50±1
Nature of supply AC, 3-phase
Voltage, V 380±38
Dimensional characteristics:
Dimensions (LxWxH) mm 3190x2340x2600 *(without separately placed equipment)
Weight, kg 12000*

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Gear cutting machine with CNC for bevel gears VZ-720 F4

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