• CNC Semiautomatic Hob-Grinding Machine VZ-722F4-01

Semiautomatic device VZ-722F4-01 is designed for grinding along the front surface with an abrasive grinding wheel with cooling single-threaded worm gears for cylindrical gears with an involute profile in accordance with GOST 9324-80.

The machine is equipped with a CNC SINUMERIK 840Dsl, which provides high quality control, reliable and trouble-free operation. Solves a lot of calculation tasks, manages any motion using interpolation. User memory allows storing a large number of characteristics, parameters of processed products, processing modes. A powerful diagnostic and visualization system allows you to display in the full screen the messages and parameters that the operator needs to monitor the grinding process and the condition of the drives. The drives are the SINAMICS S120 series digital drives.

The semiautomatic machine is made in a horizontal configuration. The cast frame serves as the base on which the main semiautomatic assembly units are mounted. On the frame in front is installed a longitudinally movable table on which the headstock of the workpiece with the workpiece to be machined, the hydroficated tailstock and the dressing device of the grinding wheel are installed. In the rear part of the frame there is a transverse carriage, on which the reducer of rotation of the vertical support is mounted. On the spindle of the reduction gear, which rotates around the horizontal axis, a vertical support is attached. On the moving carriage of the support there is a grinding grinder and an orientation device. The working area is completely enclosed by a cabinet-type enclosure with sliding and mounting doors. Inside the fence, lamps are installed to illuminate the working area. The control panel is located at the front of the machine and is able to move to a position convenient for the operator. The electro-automatic cabinet with the heat exchanger is installed on the right of the frame.

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The parameters marked with (*) are specified at the stage of the technical task coordination.
Min/max diameter of the hob, mm 125/305
Max. depth of the chip grooves/modules to be ground, mm 70/25
Max. length of the arbor-type hobs, mm 360
Limits of the helix angle of the helical chip grooves (left and right ones), deg. ±30
Face angle, deg. 0…10
Number of chip grooves 1…99
Diameters of the hob fitment bore, mm 40, 50, 60, 70, 80
Max. diameter of the grinding wheel to be installed, mm 350
Rotational speed of the grinding wheel, rpm 1500…2500
Number of controlled coordinate axes 5
Max. working feeds along controlled coordinate axes:
longitudinal , m/min 10
cross travel , vertical travel Y, Z m/min 6
headstock, rpm; 30
wheelhead, rpm 2
Discreteness of travel assignment along coordinate axes:
linear, mm 0,001
circular, deg. 0,001
Precision and roughness of the single-thread hobs machining кл. ААА
Power of the main motion motor, kW 10
Nature of supply AC, 3-phase
Voltage, V 380±38
Current frequency, Hz 50±1
Overall dimensions (LxWxH), mm 4500х2500х2630
Weight, kg 7000

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CNC Semiautomatic Hob-Grinding Machine VZ-722F4-01

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