One of the productive methods of processing a wide variety of surfaces is grinding.

For grinding on the shafts of the slots of direct and involute profiles with the use of a lubricating coolant, the company produces a grinding machine with CNC VZ-729-01. Grinding operations are performed by abrasive wheels with a diameter of up to 200 mm with their automatic correction on the machine. Grinding of spur gears, grooves of dividing discs, straight slots and other similar operations are carried out using additional modes.

As electric drives on VZ-729-01 linear synchronous motors, synchronous circular (torus) engine, no-gap ball-screw gears are used. The movement along the axes is made using closed guides with a preload. This product has an orientation system that carries out the binding of the form (angular and axial) to the machine coordinate system, which helps to evaluate the features of the workpiece going for processing, and the quality of the finished part.

Semi-automatic machine is equipped with CNC SINUMERIK 840DSL, which provides:

  • сonvenient management, accurate and trouble-free operation;
  • maintenance of various tasks of metalworking from the binding of axes to the design of any movement using the interpolation method;
  • open programming.

Processing parts on the machine is performed by the control program (SPCP) located in the memory of the CNC. The processing takes place in a semi-automatic cycle enables the grinding of slots details, both open and closed grooves. Recommended treatment options depend on the material to be polished shafts, quantities of cut allowance, the characteristics of the grinding wheel and the required accuracy.

Base products forms the base of the machine, and it mounted all of the Assembly units, which are made as separate units, which facilitates their Assembly and disassembly during maintenance and transportation.

Video the CNC Spline-Grinding Machine VZ-729F4-01

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The parameters marked with (*) are specified at the stage of the technical task coordination.
Product Indicators, machined:
Dimensions of the installed grinding wheel: Max. length, mm 900
Max. diameter, mm 200
Min. diameter, mm 10
Max. module / slot height, mm 1…8/2…20
Max. weight of the work piece to be machined, kg 100
Size of the blank to be installed Length, mm: 1000
Diameter, mm: 250
Parameters of working and adjustment travels:
Max. working travels along controlled coordinate axes: longitudinal, mm 1200
transverse, mm 300
vertical, mm 300
the headstock, deg. unlimited
Number of controlled axes 4
Performance tool that is installed on the machine:
Dimensions of the installed grinding wheel: Max. diameter, mm: 200
Min. diameter, mm: 70
The frequency of rotation of the grinding wheel, min-1: 4000...8000
Number of controlled axes 4
Indicators of primary and secondary movements:
Discreteness of travel assignments along coordinate axes Linear, mm 0,001

Circular, deg. 0,001

Roughness of the spline machined surface Ra 0,80
Max. speed of working unit travels longitudinal, m/min 10
transverse, m/min 5
vertical, m/min 5
headstock, rpm 30
Indicators Power of machine:
Power of the main motion motor, kW 11,5
Electrical equipment specifications
AC current frequency, Hz 50
Nature of supply AC. 3-phase
Voltage, V 380
Dimensional characteristics:
Dimensions (LxWxH) mm 3600х4500х2650*
Weight, kg 6250*

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The CNC Spline-Grinding Machine VZ-729F4-01

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