• Semiautomatic CNC thread-grinding machine VZ-777F4

The thread grinding machine is one of the most accurate metal cutting machines and the basis for achieving high precision in mechanical engineering. To improve the efficiency and quality of thread processing, our company produces a semi-automatic special thread grinding machine with a CNC model VZ-777F4, designed for round external grinding of threads by a wide multi-profile grinding wheel with the use of a cutting fluid.The machine is produced on the basis of model ВЗ-681Ф4.

The machine functions in a semi-automatic cycle. Installation and removal of the workpiece is done manually. The design of the semi-automatic machine ensures the maintainability of units, mechanisms and electrical equipment.

The electrical cabinet is mounted on brackets to the right of the frame. The control panel can be moved to a position convenient for the operator. At the rear of the semiautomatic system are installed a coolant supply and cleaning system, a hydrostation, a cooling station for the grinding machine electric motor. On the roof of the guard there is an oil mist filter.

The shaped dressing of the grinding wheel is carried out by a shaped diamond roller in an automatic cycle. It is possible to replace instrumentation with other measuring equipment, provided that the technical characteristics allow making the necessary measurements.

The SINUMERIK 840DSL CNC machine is mounted on the machine allowing:

  • To process a large number of calculations;
  • To control any motion of the drives using interpolation;
  • To store in memory a huge quantity of parameters of processed products and modes of processing;
  • Control the grinding process and the condition of the drives according to the parameters and messages displayed on the display;
  • Guarantee reliable uninterrupted operation.

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The parameters marked with (*) are specified at the stage of the technical task coordination.

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Semiautomatic CNC thread-grinding machine VZ-777F4

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