Sharpening of circular segmental circular saws for metal along the profile of the tooth and transitional cutting edges by the periphery of the abrasive wheel is a task requiring a professional approach. To carry it out, our company produces semi-automatic grinding for circular saws 3E692.

All units of the semi-automatic machine are mounted on the frame in front of which the electric motor of the chain drive is located. The drive box is fixed rigidly on the frame and provides reciprocating motion of the grinding head (shaping tooth of the saw to be processed) and continuous rotation of the saw, all these movements are kinematically related to each other.

The dressing mechanism of the grinding wheel is attached to the upper plat- form of the casing. The cooling tank is installed at the back of the machine. The electrical cabinet is fixed to the top plate of the drive box.

Technical features of the 3E692 semi-automatic:

  • Application of coolant when sharpening saw blades;
  • Infinitely variable speed adjustment of the grinding wheel;
  • The presence of a protective casing during the processing of saws with a large diameter that goes beyond the dimensions of the head of the product;
  • The possibility of equipping the machine with a tooling with a different combination of the corners (according to the drawing).

Completeness is finally determined by the contract signed by the customer. The arrangement of the semi-automatic machine allows to obtain the smallest dimensions, to provide convenience in operation, operation and repair.

Technical description
The parameters marked with (*) are specified at the stage of the technical task coordination.
Пределы диаметров затачиваемых пил, мм250-1430
Величины углов (передний/задний) зубьев пил, град*5/3, 10/5, 15/8, 20/8, 20/12, 25/15
Шлифовальный круг по ГОСТ 2424-83: 
Наружный диаметр, мм300
Пределы высот, мм6-25
Внутренний диаметр, мм76
Числа двойных ходов шлифовальной головки в минуту: 
Для пил по ГОСТ 4047-8220...100
Для пил по ГОСТ 118210-7220...70
Наибольшее автоматическое перемещение шлифовального круга на врезание за цикл, мм5
Пределы разности соседних зубьев затачиваемой пилы, мм0-2
Мощность электродвигателя главного привода, кВт2,2
Габаритные размеры полуавтомата с приставным оборудованием, мм690
Масса полуавтомата с приставным оборудованием, кг1800

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Semiautomatic device tool-grinding for circular saws 3E692

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