• Semiautomatic device special tool-grinding for the VZ-249SP circular saws

Semiautomatic special grinding VZ-249SP for circular saws equipped with carbide-tipped plates, is intended for grinding by the method of deep grinding along the front, rear and transitional cutting edges.

All knots and mechanisms of the machine are assembled and installed on the frame. A column is attached to the top of the frame. The saw holder is attached to the vertical wall of the column. The grinding head is mounted on a hollow shaft which, with the help of a hydraulic motor and a worm gear, rotates the grinding head onto the required front and rear corners of the saw tooth. Through the bushing where the saw is fastened, the shaft-pinion of the adjusting movement of the saw passes.

The brake of the saw is attached to the top wall of the frame. On the top on the right side of the slab holder, the division mechanism is mounted on the axis. The cooling tank is installed to the left of the bed. The guard serves to protect against spraying of coolant. The hydraulic unit is located behind the machine. Electrical equipment is mounted in the frame niche.

Sharpening of the teeth of circular saws is performed by a diamond circle. An axis-mounted circular saw is fed into the machining area with a handle mounted on a square in the center of the saw, until the stop is pressed in advance in the lower position (end of division).

Since at the beginning the teeth are sharpened on the back edge, in the adjustment it is necessary to set the grinding head to the corresponding angle equal to the required rear corner. A diamond wheel is brought in manually by the flywheel until it touches the tooth surface, the necessary flywheel is installed with the same flywheel. The cycle ends after all the teeth are machined on the rear surface. In the same order, they are processed along the transitional cutting edges and along the front surface of the tooth.

Semiautomatic VZ-249SP is popular at the metallurgical enterprises for primary sharpening and re-sharpening of circular saws with carbide-tipped plates. Many years of experience in the field of machine tool construction and reasonable prices are important arguments in favor of cooperation.

Technical proposal
The parameters marked with (*) are specified at the stage of the technical task coordination.
Предельные размеры диаметров затачиваемых пил, мм380...500
Пределы шагов затачиваемых пил, мм15...50
Пределы углов затачиваемых пил, град.: 
передний угол-5...-20 (15...-20)
задний угол5...20
угол переходной режущей кромки45
Габаритные размеры полуавтомата с приставным оборудованием (ДхШхВ), мм2100×1500×1800
Масса полуавтомата с приставным оборудованием, кг1500

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Semiautomatic device special tool-grinding for the VZ-249SP circular saws

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