• Semiautomatic device VZ-254, special for grinding of a profile of teeths of a disk of a saw

Semi-automatic special VZ-254 is designed for grinding the profile of the teeth of circular saws. The treatment is performed by an abrasive wheel in an automatic cycle.

On the frame are attached the drive unit of the machine and the head of the product. On the drive box, by means of rolling rails, at an angle of 35 ° to the horizontal plane, a grinding head is mounted. The spindle of the grinding wheel is mounted on high-precision rolling bearings and is made as a separate spindle head fixed to the slide. Slides with a spindle have the ability to set the offset on the guide plates for sharpening the transitional cutting edges.

The grinding head is reciprocated from the cam of the drive box and, in combination with the rotation of the saw, forms the geometry of the tooth. This mechanism allows you to sharpen the saws with slotted and scraped teeth, providing alternate different stroke grindstone for the amount of difference in height between them. The travel of the grinding unit is adjusted by the flywheel, which is carried out on the front panel of the body, and is controlled by a ruler. Automatic feeding of the grinding wheel to the product is made from the electromagnet through a certain sharpened number of teeth, installed in advance on the counter.

The machine is equipped with a mechanism for automatic dressing of the grinding wheel along the radius. A diamond pencil attached to a swivel holder receives movement from the reverse electric motor through a worm gear and gears to a lever.

The semi-automatic machine is equipped with a coolant supply system with a capacity of 10 l / min. The cooling system tank is installed behind the frame. An electric pump is mounted on the tank cover, and a magnetic separator for cleaning the coolant.

Technical proposal
The parameters marked with (*) are specified at the stage of the technical task coordination.
Диаметр шлифуемых дисков пил, мм630
Диаметр шлифуемых дисков пил, мм60
Диаметр посадочного отверстия, мм80
Шлифовальный круг по ГОСТ 2424-83ПП 300×10×76
Число двойных ходов шлифовальной головки дв.ход/мин37
Величина возвратно-поступательного перемещения шлифовальной головки, мм4...20
Габаритные размеры полуавтомата с приставным оборудованием (ДхШхВ), мм2450×950×2035
Масса полуавтомата с приставным оборудованием, кг1910

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Semiautomatic device VZ-254, special for grinding of a profile of teeths of a disk of a saw

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