• Semiautomatic device special tool-grinding for the VZ-330 circular saws

Semiautomatic VZ-330 is designed for initial sharpening segmental saws, specialized tool factories in mass production, and can also be used in grinding the branches of other businesses using segmental circular saw blades.

The device is used for sharpening along the contour of the tooth and transitional cutting edges of the segmented circular saw blades according to GOST 4047-82 the periphery of the abrasive wheel, tucked along the radius. Processing is carried out on grinding wheel type PP according to GOST 2424-83, with a diameter of 200 mm.

The machine is designed for products with the following characteristics:

  • diameter of saw blade 275 to 1010 mm;
  • the diameters of the fitting holes 70, 80 and 120 mm;
  • the number of teeth from 56 to 240.

The device tunes to each saw and works in semi-automatic cycle. Depending on the number of teeth treated saw blades are interchangeable gear drive box guitar. Adjustment of the sanding head at the appropriate angle of incidence to the plane of the saw blade can adjust the angle of the tooth. The machine is equipped with an adjustable mechanism to prevent vibration of the product in the sharpening process, which is especially important in large diameter saws.

The process of sharpening the teeth consists of a sequence of the following automatic actions:

  • rotation of the grinding wheel;
  • vertical reciprocating movement of the grinding wheel;
  • rotational movement of the saw blade;
  • automatic lifting of the saw blade holder on the magnitude of the removed layer.

The actuator products are equipped with a special mechanism, providing the possibility of grinding in two modes:

  • sharpening each tooth;
  • sharpening through the tooth.

The machine is equipped with a vacuum cleaner V19-101 with dust extraction, interchangeable sets of gears, spare parts and wrenches.

Video semiautomatic device special tool-grinding for the VZ-330 circular saws

The parameters marked with (*) are specified at the stage of the technical task coordination.
Пределы диаметров затачиваемых пил, мм275...1010
Диаметры посадочных отверстий пил, мм70; 80; 120
Число зубьев затачиваемых пил56...240
Шлифовальный круг по ГОСТ 2424-83 
Наружный диаметр, мм200
Внутренний диаметр, мм32
Высота, мм10...16
Частота вращения шлифовального шпинделя, об/мин2800
Величина автоматического хода шлифовальной головки в вертикальной плоскости, мм4...12
Число затачиваемых зубьев в мин.30; 47; 75
Подача на один оборот шпинделя пилодержателя, мм0...0,25
Габаритные размеры, мм 
Масса, кг1050

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Semiautomatic device special tool-grinding for the VZ-330 circular saws

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