Circular saws, equipped with hard metal plates, wear out during their work the tapes are pruned and need to be replaced. The saw body thus, as a rule, remains unscathed. Restore saw, by soldering new plates, possibly using a special machine VZ-453SP.

The device is intended for soldering carbide-tipped plates, 2 to 6 mm wide, on the teeth of circular saws, from 100 to 830 mm in diameter. The machine can be used both for the repair of used saws and for primary welding of plates in the manufacture of saws with carbide-tipped plates. The device also allows the soldering of hard-alloy plates from the teeth of circular saws.

The basis of the device is a frame, which is a welded structure. On the left side of the frame is fixed the bracket insulated from the frame, on which, by means of the system for adjusting the front corner of the saw, the bar on which the carriage-holder is moved is slid. To install the carbide insert on the left side of the frame, an insulated bracket carrying conductive elements is fixed. At the bottom of the bed is a pedal control supply voltage when soldering.

The kinematic scheme of the device provides the following motions of the working bodies:

  • radial movement of the saw blade is carried out manually with the aid of the handle;
  • a precise setting of the front corner of the saw is carried out by the button, rough installation is performed by turning the guide bar;
  • disinhibition of the saw blade or braking is carried out by the supply or retraction of the bar by the handle;
  • the saw blade rotation during the division is performed manually on the finger of the carriage of the saw holder.

The electroscheme of the device provides feeding to the surfaces to be soldered the voltage, which creates in the place of contact the current necessary for heating and carrying out the soldering process. When the pedal is depressed, current flows through the soldered surfaces. After reaching the required temperature in the place of adhesion (controlled visually by the color of the heating place), the pedal is depressed.

The soldering process is carried out using a silver-containing solder with preliminary application of flux to the welded surfaces.

Technical proposal
The parameters marked with (*) are specified at the stage of the technical task coordination.
Наружный диаметр пил, мм100...830
Посадочное отверстие пил, мм6...160
Ширина зуба из твердого сплава, мм2...6
Передний угол, град.-10...+35
Напряжение, В220
Частота, Гц50
Паяльное напряжение, В2,7
Потребляемая мощность (приблизительно), кВт1,2

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The device for a sealing of hard-alloy plates VZ-453SP

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