• The machine for a curve of the cutting edges of teeths of hard-alloy saws of VZ-478

To increase the cutting abilities of a saw after sharpening and to increase the time between sharpening is recommended rounding its edges.

Machine VZ-478 is designed for the rounding of the cutting edges of the teeth of the blade after sharpening. The Eclipse is a round brush, reinforced with diamond powder or silicon carbide, with its contact with the sharpened saw teeth for a certain period of time defined empirically (up to 6 minutes). Blunting of cutting edges is dry with suction of waste means the consumer of the machine. The input and output of the teeth product in the area of blunting is done manually.

Operation of blunting of cutting edges consists of the following:

  • the rotation of the round brush
  • oscillation round brush with a constant magnitude and a frequency;
  • the rotation of the workpiece;
  • manual entry of the product into the treatment zone.

The spindle speed of the product is regulated and may be 12, 17 and 22 rpm, the Rotation of the saw blade with stepped regulation of speed by the transfer belt from the electric motor, worm gear and belt transmission with pulleys. The machine is equipped with a relay time-delay that allows you to specify the duration of treatment. At the end of a predetermined time, triggered actuating relay and there will be a General shutdown of the machine. Electric concept of the machine provides the following lock: impossible to start the rotation of the saw blade and the oscillation of the brush, if you have not enabled rotation of the brush. Round brush and the workpiece is protected by covers.

On the basis of the machine this model was developed by the machine tool VZ-689, which is designed for deburring and scale on the toothed bevel wheel gear KZR-1, KZR-2 и KZR-3.

Техническое описание
The parameters marked with (*) are specified at the stage of the technical task coordination.
Диапазон диаметров пил, обрабатываемых на станке, мм630...660
Диаметр посадочного отверстия пилы, мм80H9
Наружный диаметр щетки, мм150
Ширина щетки, мм17
Посадочный диаметр щетки, мм22,5
Частота возвратно-поступательного перемещения щетки, дв.ход/мин100
Габаритные размеры (ДхШхВ), мм525×405×720
Масса, кг120

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The machine for a curve of the cutting edges of teeths of hard-alloy saws of VZ-478

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