• Stand VZ-479, measuring for hard-alloy saws

Carbide tipped very popular, having a good performance: long service life between sharpening teeth, resistance to long-term loads, the ability to leave clear the edges of the cut.

Our company offers stand for measuring blade VZ-479, designed to control radial and end beating of the working surfaces of teeths of saws, the geometric parameters of the teeth, visual inspection of the presence of microcracks on the plates, straightening (levelling) of the buildings of the blade.

The main components of the stand VZ-479:

  • base;
  • grandmother for installation of the product;
  • table for the installation of measuring devices;
  • fixture for straightening (straightening) the saw body;
  • control line;

On the basis of the stand includes a housing in which the bearings rotates the spindle. On spindle with snap ring fixed flange with a carbide saw. The rotation of the spindle is accomplished using a flywheel. If necessary, using the adjustable screws, you can adjust the braking force of the spindle. Mounted on the housing bracket on which is mounted rack with an indicator to measure axial and radial runout check saw. When checking defects carbide inserts saw blade with a magnifying glass on the base bracket is mounted luminaire that can enter the package of the stand according to the supply agreement. Also under the agreement may include the complete set of measuring means consisting of a magnetic stand with dial indicator, micrometer, caliper, optical element, measuring magnifier, protractor optical.

Allowed replacement of control and measuring devices other equipment provided that its technical characteristics allow to perform the necessary measurements. All measuring devices should be certified.

Our test bench VZ-479 widely used in enterprises which produce or operate carbide tipped circular saw blades for cutting metals. Many years of experience in the field of machine tools and reasonable prices is an important argument in favor of cooperation with us.

Technical details
The parameters marked with (*) are specified at the stage of the technical task coordination.
Diameter of saw blade,660
Диаметр посадочного отверстия пилы, мм80
Толщина диска пилы, мм5
Род тока питающей сети (для светильника)перем. 1-фазный
Напряжение, В220
Частота тока, Гц50
Габаритные размеры (ДхШхВ), мм300×300×1167
Масса, кг50
Diameter of the working surface of the anvil, mm 320
Radius of the sphere of the working surface of the anvil, mm4000
Overall dimensions (LxWxH), mm550×650×850
Weight, kg635

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Stand VZ-479, measuring for hard-alloy saws

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