• Machine for grinding of a cone needle spray DV-2

The surface of the needle, supplied with the sprayer diesel engine wear out over time, it scratches and burrs. As a result, the pressure of fuel injection decreases. To restore the surface of the cone of the needle is grinding on a dedicated machine.

Machine DV-2 is designed for grinding cone needle spray of the diesel engine with the following settings (drawing 236-1112 114A):

  • needle length – 56,3 mm;
  • diameter – 6 mm;
  • cone angle is 60°.

Allowed to grind other needles with similar parameters. The grinding method is around CBN (12А2-45°) accord-ing to GOST 17123-79, with a diameter of 150 mm. it is acceptable to replace this circle into a circle of different sizes capable of grinding the cone of the needle.

The machine is equipped with two motors:

  • the drive motor of the grinding wheel, with a power of 250 W;
  • the engine rotation drive products, with a capacity of 180 watts.

The equipment operates from a network 380 V. the Enabling and disabling of the motors is performed by means of magnetic starters. Protection against short-circuit occurs, the electromagnetic trip of the machine. Overload protection is provided by the heater of the thermal relay. The machine and the electrical Cabinet is equipped with grounding clamps.

The device has a simple design and only weighs 85 lbs. Each Assembly unit is a separate unit, which greatly simplifies the process of Assembly and disassembly.

Uniform grinding of the cone of the needle is provided with the rotation mechanism. The rotating needle is transmitted from the motor shaft through a friction transmission and double-stage belt transmission. The belt of the second stage belt drive is worn on the treated needle is placed on the prism. The drive mechanism of rotation of the needle is configured by the manufacturer for grinding of a cone with an angle of 60°.

Technical description
The parameters marked with (*) are specified at the stage of the technical task coordination.
Показатели заготовки обрабатываемой на станке, мм: 
угол конуса, град.60
Показатели инструмента устанавливаемого на станке: 
шлифовальный круг из эльбора, типоразмер12А2-45 град. ГОСТ 17123-79
диаметр, мм150
Показатели основных и вспомогательных движений станка: 
наиб. перемещение шлиф. головки вдоль плоскости шлифования, мм40
перемещение пиноли шлифовальной головки, мм10
частота вращения шлифовального круга, об/мин2730
частота вращения обрабатываемой заготовки, об/мин250
Род тока питающей сетиперем. трёхфазный
Напряжение, В380
Частота тока, Гц50
Габаритные размеры станка (ДхШхВ), мм700×580×415
Масса станка, кг85

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Machine for grinding of a cone needle spray DV-2

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