• Machine for finishing the cone of the dispenser DV-3

Machine DV-3 is designed for fine-tuning the cone body spray laps CBN. Valid debugging cone other buildings with similar parameters.

All Assembly units of the machine are represented by individual units, which greatly facilitates the repair. The welded base is mounted strut to the spindle. A spindle located vertically, is driven by a motor through V-belt transmission. Coaxially with the spindle in the sleeve workhead is mounted the workpiece (the body spray). The body spray is pressed against the lapping elboroom load through the lever.

The pneumatic system includes:

  • the pneumatic unit for preparation of compressed air;
  • crane directional valve to connect the working area of the pneumatic cylinder with the pressure line or with the atmosphere;
  • the cylinder compression pressure of the workpiece to the lapping;
  • silencers to reduce noise when exhaust air from the pneumatic cylinder;
  • throttle to adjust the speed of movement of the rod pneumatic cylinder.

Processed on the machine the workpiece should have the following characteristics:

  • length - 52,6 мм;
  • diameter - 17 мм;
  • the cone angle is 59 degrees.

All moving parts are covered with a casing and a door that ensures the safety of the machine. Machine DV-3 delivered to the enterprises involved in the restoration of diesel engines.

The parameters marked with (*) are specified at the stage of the technical task coordination.
Показатели заготовки обрабатываемой на станке, мм: 
длина, мм52,6
диаметр, мм17
угол конуса, град.59
Показатели инструмента устанавливаемого на станке: 
притир с эльборовым наконечником: 
наружный диаметр, мм4,4
посадочный диаметр, мм5,5
длина, мм78
Показатели основных и вспомогательных движений станка: 
частота вращения доводочного шпинделя, об/мин420±23
число двойных ходов (осцилляция) доводочного шпинделя, дв.х./мин370±18
осевое перемещение доводочного шпинделя, мм0,42
Показатели силовой характеристики станка: 
Мощность электродвигателя привода доводочного шпинделя, кВт0,18
Напряжение, В380±38
Частота тока, Гц50±1
Габаритные размеры станка (ДхШхВ), мм620×380×720
Масса станка, кг115

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Machine for finishing the cone of the dispenser DV-3

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