• Machine for group grinding of atomizer DV-4

Nozzle diesel engine for spraying fuel into the combustion chamber. The main working part of the atomizer is the atomizer which consists of a housing and the needle. The shut-off cone of the needle is pressed against the cone of the dispenser and serves to separate the nozzle cavity from the combustion chamber. During continuous operation of nozzles, shut-off cone is worn, whereby the injection pressure decreases and increases the non-uniformity of inlet fuel. In case of failure to replace faulty atomizer, try to repair the injectors can be way lapping cones of the needle and housing for special machines.

Machine DV-4, developed by our company, is designed for group grinding of the needles of the diesel nozzles corresponding to the drawing 236-112 114A, and the casings corresponding to the drawing 26.1112112. On the machine it is possible to perform grinding and other dispensers with similar parameters. On the basis of the machine this model was developed by machine DV-4A at which lapping of nozzles according to drawings of the case D50.17.002-2 and needles D50.17.003-1.

The main part of the machine is the face plate with blocks to install dispensers that ensure their reciprocating rotary motion in the mode cyclically changing directions. Rotating the faceplate from the motor is transmitted through two-stage belt transmission. The lapping process is performed prior to application of diamond paste on the taper of the needle. The machine allows simultaneous grinding in up to ten nozzles.

After mutual lapping atomizer Assembly is tested on the bench. Atomizer is considered usable if it meets the following requirements:

  • the tightness at shut-off cone is not broken;
  • the sprayed fuel should be vaguely shaped, not contain are distinguishable in the eyes of local concentration and continuous streams.

Video machine for group grinding of atomizer DV-4

The parameters marked with (*) are specified at the stage of the technical task coordination.
Indicators of the workpiece processed on the machine:  
the sprayer body — length, mm 52,6
the sprayer body — diameter, mm 17
the sprayer body — cone angle, degrees. 59
nozzle needle — length, mm 56,3
nozzle needle — diameter, mm 6
nozzle needle — cone angle, degrees. 60
Frequency of the faceplate (cam) of the drive of rotation of the sprayer body, rpm 78
Overall dimensions of the machine (LxWxH), mm 56×270×300
Weight, kg 48

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Machine for group grinding of atomizer DV-4

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