When you break the grinding wheel may be cases of serious injury, flying debris, and causing significant material damage. In accordance with the interstate standard GOST-12.3.028, any grinding wheel before use on the machine shall be tested for mechanical strength on a dedicated test bench.

For inspection of grinding wheels with diameters from 150 to 400 mm in the gap by rotation our company offers stand SR-400.

The stand consists of a protective chamber and the platform drive shaft on which is fixed the test circle. Protective camera consists of a massive steel ring, which is suspended on rods and stretch the springs, cushioning the blow of the pieces of the grinding disc when the gap. Doors, security cameras, electric block start and stop of the motor drive shaft and provided with a locking mechanism opening up to a full stop of rotation of the shaft.

The stand has a continuously adjustable number of revolutions of the shaft with the help of frequency drive provides the required test speed. Input function, test parameters, calculation, and formation of the analog of the task on the frequency reducer according to the time of acceleration-deceleration, indicate the status of the stand performs programmable logic controller PLC 73. C using remote console, you can set the required motor speed. A controller located in the same place, to produce a smooth acceleration of the motor to the desired speed. The remote control will display information about the rpm range, acceleration time and deceleration time.

At extra cost the machine can be equipped with arbors for grinding wheel fastening of the following types: 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 10, 11, 12, 14, 23, 36, 41 with hole bore diameters, mm: 23; 25.4; 35; 40; 51; 60; 100; 125; 127, 250; 301; 305.

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Machine for Torque Breakdown Test of Grinding Wheels SR-400V

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