• Stand for testing of the circles of rotation SR-800

Stand SR-800 is designed for testing the mechanical strength of the rotating abrasive wheels. On the interstate GOST standards 12.3.028-82 and any tool must be tested before installing on the machine.

The stand consists of the following components:

  • camera protective;
  • drive;
  • electrical equipment;
  • the control Cabinet.

A self test abrasive wheel for the gap rotation occurs inside a protective chamber. Case protective camera consists of a massive ring (armor), welded to the chamber walls. The door of the shielded cell has a lock, does not enable rotation of the circle until the door closed, and disables rotation of the circle when opened. The seal prevents the escape of dust from the chamber upon rupture of the circle. The actuator consists of a spindle headstock mounted on the base of the motor, the shaft of which is mounted a large pulley, the cover of which is attached the fan forced cooling. The spindle is mounted a blade, which during the rotation of the spindle gives the signal for the sensor minimum speed.

Stand SR-800 is equipped with a system of utsi PLC 73 (digital readout unit with programmable logic controller) with a frequency Converter. This system makes it possible for a given diameter of the test circle and the maximum working speed automatically set the rotational speed of the grinding wheel. The memory system stores the data according to the executed operations.Outer circle diameter is in the range 150-800 mm. Valid height range 1-175 mm. Method of speed regulation is stepless.

All technical conditions during the production of the stand considered. The stand has a Declaration of conformity to technical regulations of the Customs Union. Full safety during test laps provides a protective enclosure of the stand.

The parameters marked with (*) are specified at the stage of the technical task coordination.
Количество испытательных камер 1
Количество шпинделей 1
Размеры испытываемых абразивных кругов, мм.:  
При рабочей скорости до 60 м/с  
диаметр наружный 150 – 200
высота наибольшая 250
При рабочей скорости до 80 м/с  
диаметр наружный 200 – 800
высота наибольшая 250
Окружная испытательная скорость 37,5 – 120
Частота вращения шпинделя, мин-1 900 – 11 460
Мощность электродвигателя, кВт 11
Передача вращения на шпиндель поликлиноременная
Габаритные размеры (ДхШхВ), мм 1800 х 1230 х 1750
Масса, кг 2 500

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Stand for testing of the circles of rotation SR-800

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