• Semi-automatic cutting for rail VZ-481F2

Cutting rails is the main operation in the construction, repair and maintenance of railways. Semi-automatic cutting-off for rail VZ-481F2 is designed for cutting volume-hardened rail type P50, P65, P75 with a circular saw with carbide tines. The largest diameter of the installed saw, equipped with carbide-tipped teeth of the firm "WAGNER" (Germany) - 660 mm.

On the basis on the left side of the saw there are lifting rollers on the left, with the rollers lifting right on the right-hand end of the base. Ahead are installed two hydraulic cylinders (right and left) of the horizontal clamp and two tables (right and left) along which the product slides (rail). The table serves as a support for the sawed rail, and also for spreading the cut pieces of the rail, in order to quickly retract the saw to the extreme upper position.

On the back of the base, a carriage is mounted on the closed linear rolling rails with the possibility of a transverse movement, on which the saw pin is fixed. The saw bar serves for the installation and continuous rotation of the saw. In the case of the sawstock on the rolling bearings, a grinding spindle is mounted with a drive from an asynchronous motor.

The kinematic scheme of the semiautomatic device ensures the following movements of the working bodies:

  • rotation of the saw;
  • transverse movement of the saw.

The coolant supply and cleaning system is designed to cool the cutting part of the saw, as well as to collect and remove the chips. The semi-automatic guard is mounted on the base and closes the cutting area from the spraying of the coolant. To the right of the semi-automatic machine there is an electric cabinet, connected by a flexible hose with an electronic base and a control panel.

All semiautomatic assembly units are made by separate a unit, which greatly facilitates the assembly and disassembly during the repair.

Download the techno-commercial offer (specimen, PDF)
The parameters marked with (*) are specified at the stage of the technical task coordination.
Diameter of the saw to be installed, equipped with carbide tines "WAGNER" (Germany), mm 660
Width of saw with cutting teeth, mm 6,5
Diameter of the landing surface of the spindle under the saw, mm
Height from the base of the bed to the rail support surface, mm
Max. movement of the saw mill, mm
Number of programmable axes (feed of sawhead)
Overall dimensions of the semi-automatic machine (together with the electrical cabinet and hydroelectric station) (LxWxH), m
Weight, kg 4500

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Semi-automatic cutting for rail VZ-481F2

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