For the measurement of complex indices of the error of the kinematic precision, smoothness and tooth contact, and backlash regulations in the manufacture and control of gear wheels our company offers control and measurement device VZ-581. The results of these measurements provide a high degree of control of the characteristics of the gears of machines and mechanisms, products, automotive equipment, and other gear.

The device, being basic, can be equipped with installation for measurement of parameters of the cylindrical shell and roller, narrow spur and helical gears external gearing.

The device is made in the layout, allowing for the following movements:

  • the spindle rotation with the measuring wheel;
  • the rotation of a measured wheel;
  • the displacement of the carriage with the measuring wheel (mounting movement);
  • the displacement of the carriage measured with a wheel (measuring movement).

The displacement of the carriage with the measured wheel is on precision linear guideways preload (type TNC), which combine high load carrying capacity, rigidity and accuracy.Spindle measuring wheel mounted on precision antifriction bearings from FAG with the preload. Measurement of fluctuations in the IMR and spindle measuring wheel is made of precision linear and circular gauges (rulers) of the companies SCHNEEBERGER and SIEMENS.

The operation of the device is a PC standard version after the installation of the controlled wheel. Special programs provide automatic cycle of measurement, processing of measurement results and output them to the screen and, if necessary, and the availability of printer - on paper in graphical and numerical terms. Recording of measurement results, printing and accumulation significantly expands the information base for assessing the quality of gears produced, and mass production and allows the selection (selection) of the wheels with the desired properties.

Monitoring and recording of the measuring center distance (IMR) is carried out with preservation of the results of the measurements of IMR to more than 500 of the measured gear, which gives the opportunity to develop the fundamentals of identification of individual parameters precision gears and nature of the record of IMR. The level of control gears corresponds to the level of similar foreign devices such as FRENCO, HOMMELWERKE, TOS.

The parameters marked with (*) are specified at the stage of the technical task coordination.
Center distance of the gear train, mm up to 320
Module of cogwheels, mm 1...10
Price of division of reading devices, mm 0,0005
Weight of controlled wheels, no more than, kg 30
Resolution accuracy of linear recording, μm 0,5
Resolution resolution of angular displacement recording 2500 measurements for 1 turn
Error of parameters monitoring in accordance with GOST5368-81 not worse than cl. accuracy AB
Machine weight without attachments, kg 250
Overall dimensions without attachments, (LxWxH), mm 1344×530×415
Drive power, W 120
Type of mains current AC. 1-phase
Voltage, V 220
Current frequency, Hz 50

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The device measuring VZ-581

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