Semi-automatic grinding VZO-229M is made for processing spectacle lenses on the office and obtaining a facet on spectacle lenses.

The bearing element of the semiautomatic device is the base in which the drive of the main movement and the control unit are suspended. On the vertical axis located in the upper part of the base, a carriage is installed on the rolling-contact bearings, which rotates in a horizontal plane and has an axis relative to which the head of the product swings. On the left wall of the carriage, the movement mechanism of the headstock of the product is shifted. In the bends of the headstock of the product on high-precision bearings, the left and right spindles carrying the workpiece are suspended.

The principle of the semiautomatic device is as follows: the processing of spectacle lenses is carried out by roughing and finishing facet diamond circles on a removable copying by passing grinding with the use of water cooling. Installation, clamping and removal of lenses and copiers is done manually by the operator, all subsequent processing is performed in an automatic mode. Setting the lens size is done with the help of the handwheel adjusting the parameter of the product.

Processed on the semiautomatic spectacle lenses take shape and size in accordance with the shape and size of the installed copier. In addition, the semiautomatic device provides the possibility of obtaining a lens of a larger or smaller size relative to the installed copier.

Semi-automatic machine provides the following work cycles:

  • automatic cycle of full workpiece machining;
  • cycle with the interruption of the processing;
  • automatic cycle of polishing the workpiece.

The parameters marked with (*) are specified at the stage of the technical task coordination.
Предельные диаметры устанавливаемых очковых линз, мм 25...72
Частота вращения шлифовального круга, об/мин 3400
Мощность привода главного движения (при напряжении питающей сети 220В), кВт 0,55
Точность обработки, мм ±0,2
Средняя длительность обработки, мин 2...3
Размеры без приставного бачка (ДхШхВ), мм 640×475×665
Масса (без приставного бачка), кг 90

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Semi-automatic grinding for processing, the contour of the spectacle lens VZO-229M

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