• Universal Tools And Cutter Grinder 3Е642

Sharpening of cutting tools is a common problem prolonged use of the tool. Even tool hard steel gradually loses its productive properties and requires sharpening for extending the period of application and reducing the cost of getting a new.

Our company for the solution of this problem provides a universal grinding machine 3Е642. The machine performs a grinding or lapping of the cutting tool made of hard alloy, tool steel or or mineral ceramic. Advantage of the tools made of hard metal-ceramic joints, unlike high-speed steel, high content of tungsten and high heat resistance. Grinding is performed with abrasive, diamond and grinding wheels.

In addition, the grinding machine performs the following work:

  • external and internal circular grinding;
  • flat grinding.

The defining characteristics of the grinding machine 3Е642:

  • large metallurgical performance in a compact size;
  • no wrong with the table drive from the flywheel;
  • cast frame to reduce vibrations when machining the workpiece, increase machining accuracy;
  • the permissibility of the installation on the machine the suction dust;
  • the ability to resupply a large list of additional equipment required to implement the technical specifications, in particular for fixing workpieces;
  • installation on the machine sine plate;
  • reversal of the motor ofthe grinding wheel in the direction opposite the spindle, allows weighty toaccelerate changeover, increase technological capabilities.

An important part of the machine 3Е642 is the ability to set it to the widest number of devices that allows you to handle almost any cutting tool.

Video Universal Tools And Cutter Grinder 3Е642

Technical proposal
The parameters marked with (*) are specified at the stage of the technical task coordination.
Product Indicators, machined:
Size of the blank to be installed Max. diameter of the workpiece to be installed between centers, mm 250
Max. length of the workpiece to be installed between centers, mmVAR 630
Max. length of the surface to be machined, mm 450
Performance tool that is installed on the machine:
Dimensions of the installed wheel, mm Max. diameters of the grinding wheel to be installed
type 1 to ISO 525-86 (GOST 2424-83),mm 200
other types, mm 150
Indicators Power of machine:
Power of the main motion motor, kW 0,71/0,85
Parameters of accuracy and roughness:
Аccuracy and roughness of samples machining Accuracy class of the grinder to GOST 8-82 В
Grinding by abrasive wheel face, µm Ra < 0.32
Grinding by diamond wheel face, µm Ra < 0.08
Dimensional characteristics:
Dimensions (LxWxH) mm 1380х1940х1550

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Universal Tools And Cutter Grinder 3Е642

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