Shaped cutters are used on milling machines for the machining of workpieces with complex shaped profile. Having a contoured cutting edge of the cutter is complicated to manufacture and to use.

We offer our enterprise a special copying machine VZ-222 solves the problem of sharpening cutters for shaped, razor-sharp back edge of the diamond and grinding wheels without cooling. This machine has found wide application in different sectors of the economy that use shaped cutters.

All components of the machine are executed as separate units, which facilitates Assembly during manufacture and repair.

The base of the machine is welded body, on top of which there are cast-iron stove. Plate is mounted on the wheelhead, carrying the grinding wheel. Similarly, on the plate mounts the headstock, which carries the center stand (or other means) for holding a work shaped cutters.

A copy is attached in the groove bottom of the carriage. Profile copier is similar to the profile sharpened cutters. Moving the workhead along the flat surface of the plate is carried out manually on the "air cushion". Adaptation to changes is also installed on the stove. During operation of the machine a roaming node connects to the pneumatic system through a quick coupling to be able to move the hovercraft.

The frequency of rotation of the grinding wheel set of replacement pulleys. Feed of the grinding wheel the diamond is the transverse displacement of the grinding wheel. Feed on cutting-in is performed by the transverse movement of the copier.

Set of Cams of the machine guarantees the sharpening tool with the main deviations of form tools of different profiles. For other profiles the consumer should make a special copy according to stipulated documentation requirements.

Flexibility in the replacement of original components other providing the predetermined specifications.

Technical description

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Form Milling Cutter Flank Grinding Machine VZ-222

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