In the course of operation of any cutting tool comes in its gradual wear, the sharpness of its cutting edge is broken. From the regularity and quality of the sharpening tool depends on the accuracy of processing and productivity.

For sharpening cutting tools our company offers table grinding machine VZ-319. The scope of application of the device are locksmith, grinding and gauged the plants of most industries, mobile shops associated with metal. The machine allows the sharpening of such tools as milling cutters, reamers, drill bits from tool steel, carbide metal and or mineral ceramic end face or the periphery of the grinding wheel and to perform the flat grinding. The layout of the machine is made so that assembling units are independent units, allowing you to speed up the process of their Assembly and disassembly during repair work.

Based on the design of the machine frame box shape with a niche, which is located inside the electrical equipment. Mounted on the frame column and cross-table. The column carries a grinding headstock. The mirror cross-table is mounted the carriage with the headstock. The presence in the base of the groove to reinstall the cross table and its rotation, turning of the wheel spindle relative to the motor axis and the axis of the column makes it possible to substantially expand the working area of the machine tool with small dimensions.The basic delivery set includes the headstock can be rotated 360° in a horizontal plane and 240° in the vertical plane.

Video Tool & Cutter Grinder (Table-Top) VZ-319

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Tool & Cutter Grinder (Table-Top) VZ-319

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