When using of any cutting tool, whether it be the woodcutting or metal-cutting tool, it is necessary to maintain sharpness of his cutting surface. For the solution of this task our enterprise offers the tool-grinding VZ-384 machine. The device can be used at the tool plants and shops, and also on any production using woodcutting and metal-cutting tools.

A wide choice of devices (more than 25 names), mandrels and flanges allows to make sharpening of a big variety of tools: spiral and step drills, shaped and detachable mills, vertical drills, cutters, flat knives, circular saws and other types of tools

The machine is executed in desktop option, has small dimensions and weight only 300 kg. The basis of the machine represents pig-iron casting on which top surface the crosswise table and a column with the grinding grandma is established. Movement of a table is possible in the longitudinal and cross direction. The grinding head has a possibility of vertical movement and can turn in the horizontal and vertical plane. To a back wall of the basis the arm with an electro case fastens. On a forward left part of the basis the control panel is installed. The main spindle is set in motion by means of the belt drive from the AIR63V2U3 electric motor with a power of 550 W.

The machine is installed on a workbench or other support 500 high. 700 mm on four adjustable support. Upon the demand of the customer it is delivered with a special curbstone (VZ-384.11.000) 800 mm high. If necessary the system of giving SOZH (VZ-384.60.000) and the heat sucking away device (V19-101) can be installed.

Video Tool Grinding Machine VZ-384

Technical description
The parameters marked with (*) are specified at the stage of the technical task coordination.
Product Indicators, machined:
Dimensions of the installed grinding wheel: Max. length of workpiece, mm : 250
Max. diameter of grinding wheel, mm :
- type 1 according to GOST 2484-83 : 200
- other types: 150

Indicators of workhead spindle Max. diameter of the workpiece installed in the center pasterns, mm : 200
Max. length of the workpiece installed in the center pasterns, mm : 400
Indicators of primary and secondary movements:
Max. speed of working unit travels Max. movement longitudinal/cross table, mm: 280/100

Max. vertical movement of the wheelhead, mm: 100

Max. angle of rotation of the longitudinal table on the basis of: not limited

Max. angle of swivel of the wheel head, deg.:
- in horizontal plane: no limits
- in vertical plane: not limited
Indicators Power of machine:
Power of the main motion motor, kW 0,55
Dimensional characteristics:
Dimensions (LxWxH) mm 1080х750х800
Weight, kg 300

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Tool Grinding Machine VZ-384

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