The thread-cutting die represents the tool for cutting or calibration of an external carving on screws and details. Threaded connections are the most popular option of assembly of all details. Durability and reliability – the main advantage of such assembly.

Extension of service life of a die, as well as any cutting tool, is provided with regular sharpening. Will help to make quickly and qualitatively sharpening of dies on a forward surface of teeths and for a relieving of back surfaces on the cutting part grinding heads our enterprise, having offered the machine VZ-462, tool-grinding for dies.

The plate with the sleeve of movement of knots of basing of a product (die) established on her forms a basis of the VZ-462 machine. In more true part of a sleeve the case in which the drive of a spindle of a grinding head and a spindle is mounted is based. On the right the station of control of the drive of a grinding head is attached to the case. The knot of basing of a die can move in two planes and represents the welded case with a rolling pin of movement of a spindle of a product. In the top part of a spindle replaceable assembly units are established: the device for editing and die holders.

Sharpening of a die on a forward surface is carried out by method of multipass grinding of the rotating grinding head, back and forth motion of a die manually, vertical movement of a die from a flywheel (if necessary) and circular giving of the processed surface on a head grinding manual oscillation of a die.

Relieving on a back surface on the cutting part is result of the following actions:

  • rotations of a grinding head;
  • rotation and reciprocating movement of a die from a fist of profiling of a back surface and giving at a size of the removed allowance. Work is conducted dry with an extract of waste of processing by exhaust system of the consumer of the machine.

Electric equipment guarantees high reliability and safety.The VZ-462 machine has found worthy application in the sphere tool and machine-building.

Video the Die-grinding machine VZ-462
Technical description
The parameters marked with (*) are specified at the stage of the technical task coordination.
list of the ground thread dies:  
metric right, left М6...М52
pipe right, left 1/16’’...1 1/2’’
Max. vertical travel of the workpiece headstock, mm 100
Magnitude of the displacement of the die along the axis, mm:  
at backing 10
when sharpening the front surface 30
Frequency of rotation of the grinding head spindle, rpm 13450
Nominal drive power of grinding head, kW 0,25
Voltage, V 380
Current frequency, Hz 50
Overall dimensions with separately located units (LxWxH), mm 550×510×720
Weight , kg 115

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Die-grinding machine VZ-462

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