Mining is the only user of mining equipment. The list of such industrial equipment includes hundreds of various devices, the durability of which is not eternal.

One of these devices is the drill bit. Drill bit (core bit concrete) — drilling tools, is installed on impact tools and is used for drilling. From the experience of the drilling established that up to 15% of drill bits prematurely lose their performance due to wear.

The high cost of crowns is undeniable, and the cost of tunneling increases if you don't sharpen the bits for re-use in industry. To increase performance, our company proposes to implement the recovery of metal crowns with the help of semi-automatic VZ-763. Tool & cutter grinder diamond-erosion for drill bits VZ-763 is equipped with a diamond grinding wheel with electroerosion edit. Features of the machine allow you to sharpen core bits of different diameters and shapes.

Diamond grinding grinding wheel and the oscillation of the grinding wheel, produces high-quality sharpening of drill bits with the roughness of the ground surface up to Ra 1,25. In order to avoid the influence of temperature on the treated surface installed cooling tank 200L with the flow of the cooling system capacity 22L/min.

Cycles of grinding are manufactured in semi-automatic mode for the solid (transparent) protective cover for preventing accidents when handling items in the workplace. Electrical system is designed in such a way that the machine will operate in harsh conditions of the mines.

Video grinding machine for drill bits VZ-763.

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Semiautomatic Diamond-Erosion Jackbits Grinding Machine VZ-763

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