• Universal Tool&Cutter Grinder VZ-818E

The grinding machine of this modification is necessary for sharpening and finishing of different types of cutting tools from mineral ceramics, tool steel.

The main types of sharpening of the cutting tool on the machine model VZ-818E:

  • Multi-pass sharpening with feeding the opposite of the product;
  • Multi-pass sharpening with removal of allowance from each tooth;
  • Sharpening a multi-leaved tool on the back surface;
  • Sharpening of cylindrical cutters;
  • Sharpening of scans;
  • Sharpening of tail or pumping face mills;
  • Sharpening of shaped and back-to-back cutters with screw chip grooves;
  • Work on hard stop.

The machine VZ-818E is capable of carrying out round grinding (external and internal), and also produce a flat grinding. A distinctive feature of the machine from the model VZ-818, is the installation of hydraulic equipment on it, hydraulics helps to process the helicoidal surfaces. Vertical and transverse movement of the grinding head is carried out manually, and the longitudinal travel of the table is hydraulic, the vertical movement of the grinding head is mechanized.

All machine mechanisms are mounted inside and on the upper plane of the frame and the carriage. Electrical equipment provides reliable operation of the machine with a voltage fluctuation of the network from 90 to 110% of the nominal value and a change in the nominal frequency of 2%. The machine can be completed with more than 38 additional devices (manufactured by OJSC "VIZAS"), which expand its capabilities and methods of application.

This sharpening equipment has found wide application in workshops and in factories and other areas of the industry specializing in metalworking.

Video Universal Tool&Cutter Grinder VZ-818E
The parameters marked with (*) are specified at the stage of the technical task coordination.
Max. diameter of the workpiece to be installed between centres, mm200
Max. length of the workpiece to be installed between centres, mm500
Max. length of the surface to be ground, mm350
Swivelling angle, deg.: 
in horizontal plane360
in vertical plane200
Table travelmanual
Total power of electric motors installed on the grinder, kW1,99/2,13
Grinder overall dimensions (LxWxH), mm1460х1530х1660
Grinder weight, kg860

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Universal Tool&Cutter Grinder VZ-818E

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