In connection with the resumption of the mass production of the "legendary" model of the universal grinding machine 3E642E the production of VZ-818ESPA machines has been discontinued.

Metal working with the help of metal-cutting tools takes the leading place in modern technology of mechanical engineering. Sharpening and operational development are highlights of production and restoration of metal-cutting tools.

The machine tool-grinding VZ-818ESPA serves for offhand grinding and operational development of the most part of the cutting tools. Sharpening is made by abrasive, diamond and el'bor wheels. Besides sharpening, the VZ-818ESPA machine can be used for performance round (external and internal) and flat grinding.

On the machine the mechanized adjusting vertical movement of the grinding grandma is provided. Movement of a table of the machine is longitudinal is made in the manual way. By similarly manual way advance of the grinding grandma vertically and cross is made.The basis of the machine fastens on the processed balsas which are located on the top part of a bed. On a hydraulic cylinder the level with a groove for fixing of devices is established. From two parties of a niche flywheels which serve for longitudinal movement of a table manually on basis guides fasten.

Constructive difference of the VZ-818ESPA model from VZ-818 in equipment of the machine system of supply of cooling liquid in a working zone for cooling of the processed product.This equipment has found broad application in the industry specializing in metal working. High quality of sharpening – the guarantor of the VZ-818ESPA machine as professional equipment.

Technical proposal
The parameters marked with (*) are specified at the stage of the technical task coordination.
Max. length of the blank (blade), mm650
Carriage travel, mm790
Blade width, mm30...130
Blade thickness, mm3...15
Edge angle (swivelling table), deg.30...45
External diameter of the wheel, mm125
Wheel height, mm45...50
Bore diameter, mm32
Power of the grinding wheel drive, kW1.1
CurrentAC, 3-phase
Overall dimensions (LxWxH), mm1470х520х635
Weight, kg170

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Grinding Machine VZ-818ESPA

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