Drill sharpening – predicted the problem of long use of a tool. The drill, even the most durable, dull, collapses under the influence of the processed material, which complicates the process of drilling.

Our company offers a machine for grinding drills VZ-823, which is indispensable special equipment for tool production. The machine is a desktop variant of the grinding equipment, the compact size and excellent capabilities. Machine for sharpening drills VZ-823 is used for planar grinding or regrinding the right of cutting drills of high speed steel and hard alloy. Sharpening is El'bor borazon material wheels and diamond laps.

Machine VZ-823 is a base box shape with placed on it the rotary grinding headstock and carriage to the main swivel bracket. The bracket is two rotating about each other, the components, one of which is the headstock, on the second microscope.

A characteristic feature of the VZ-823 is that three axis (the axis of rotation at the vertex angle of the drill axis of rotation on the rear corners, the axis of work head) crossed in one point located on the working plane of the end face of the grinding wheel.Characteristics of the VZ-823 allow you to sharpen auger maximum diameter - 20 mm.

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Drill Grinding Machine VZ-823

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