The flat planer knives are the most popular form of knives for woodworking machinery, although they, as all the knives tupyatsya. To save time and money instead of replacing is sharpening knives.

Our company offers desktop machine VZ-874 intended for woodworking sharpening flat knives with a straight cutting edge abrasive and grinding wheels.

The housing frame is welded structure of box-shape with the reference bream. Inside the housing on the bracket table. In the groove of the table basiouny means of orientation and clamping of the knife. The back frame includes a drive mechanism of the carriage. Carriage with grinding wheel on the rolling support moves on the guide frame. On the right side of the frame is the control panel. The initial position of the carriage during operation – right.

The drive motion of the carriage provides the necessary longitudinal feed and is a belt gear. The final link of the gear chain is mounted on the tube. Tube moves around the rolling pin mounted on the carriage. The reciprocating movement of the carriage is carried out at a constant unilateral rotation of a sprocket chain transmission. The tension of belts and chains is performed by axis movement.

The carriage itself is team design, based on rack guides-type "Dovetail". Move along the guide rack slide, load-bearing plate.

Video Flat Blade Grinding Machine VZ-874

Technical description
The parameters marked with (*) are specified at the stage of the technical task coordination.
Max. length of the blank (blade), mm650
Carriage travel, mm790
Blade width, mm30...130
Blade thickness, mm3...15
Edge angle (swivelling table), deg.30...45
External diameter of the wheel, mm125
Wheel height, mm45...50
Bore diameter, mm32
Power of the grinding wheel drive, kW1.1
CurrentAC, 3-phase
Overall dimensions (LxWxH), mm1470х520х635
Weight, kg170

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Flat Blade Grinding Machine VZ-874

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