Knives flat planing reckon as the most popular form of knives for the woodworking equipment with the rectilinear cutting edge. For saving of time and means instead of replacement of the tool, the repoint of knives is carried out.

Our enterprise offers the VZ-874RN desktop machine intended for sharpening of woodworking flat knives with the rectilinear cutting edge for wood milling. Sharpening of flat knives is conducted by abrasive and elborovy circles. The machine is used in forestries, in furniture and woodworking firms, in model shops of manufacturing enterprises, in civil engineering firms.The machine design executed in desktop execution consists of a bed on which arms the table is mounted. In a groove of a table of a locate of means of orientation and a clip of a knife.

On not closed guides of swing the carriage with a grinding wheel which, on support of swing moves on bed guides is mounted. A starting position of the carriage in the course of work – right. The drive of movement of the carriage provides the required size of longitudinal giving and represents the belt reducer mounted on a back wall of a bed.

Final link of a reducer is the chain having the finger interacting with a carriage level. The carriage is fixed on a stopper. The stopper moves on a rolling pin, the Chain is fixed on the carriage. Back and forth motion of the carriage happens at regular unilateral rotation of an asterisk of chain transfer. The tension of belts and a chain is carried out by movement of axes.Rather small mass of the machine (<170 kg) and compact dimensions do the machine transportable.

Insignificant reconstruction of a bed allows to use the machine for receiving spill, doing it irreplaceable in all workshops working with stumps.

Flat Blade Grinding Machine VZ-874RN
The parameters marked with (*) are specified at the stage of the technical task coordination.
Max. length of the blank (blade), mm260
Carriage travel, mm790
Blade width, mm110
Blade thickness, mm14
Edge angle (swivelling table), deg.26...45
External diameter of the wheel, mm125
Wheel height, mm50
Bore diameter, mm32
Power of the grinding wheel drive, kW1.1
CurrentAC, 3-phase
Overall dimensions (LxWxH), mm1470х520х655
Weight, kg170

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Flat Blade Grinding Machine VZ-874RN

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