• Machine grinding (with vacuum cleaner) VZ-879-011

The machine tachilno grinding VZ-879-011 is intended for sharpening of metalwork and metal-cutting tools, can also make an obdirka and cleaning of fine details.

The machine consists of a welded bed in which niche electric equipment is located, and on her top plane the tool-grinding head with casings of grinding wheels is established. The tool-grinding head is the welded case with the spindle established on rolling bearings having on both sides a cone for installation of flanges with abrasive circles.

The machine is completed pyleotvody and the vacuum cleaner, and also the device of automatic shutdown of the drive of grinding wheels when opening the filter. To the welded case of the vacuum cleaner the electric motor on which shaft carefully balanced krylchatka is established fastens. The case of the vacuum cleaner is closed by a cover with two branch pipes to which metal sleeves from casings of grinding wheels are attached. For collecting dust the filter made of cloth which should be cleared is provided, without assuming dust accumulation more than 2,5-3 kg that there correspond ¼ volumes of the filter.

The electrical accessories of control of electric motors are located in a machine niche. Buttons of control of electrical accessories are located on the control panel. The electric motor of the main drive of a grinding wheel is located in a bed.

In the machine of the VZ-879-011 model the electric motor of the vacuum cleaner is located on the vacuum cleaner case. For his connection on a back wall of the machine there is a socket (socket). On the machine protection against an overload of engines and short circuit is provided. Completeness finally is defined by the contract for supply of equipment signed by the customer. Replacement of purchased components by others, not conceding on technical characteristics is allowed. The machine is practical and reliable.

Technical description
The parameters marked with (*) are specified at the stage of the technical task coordination.
Dimensions of grinding wheels to be installed in accordance with GOST 2424-83, мм 350×40×127
Spindle rotation frequency, rpm 1500
Main drive power, kW 2,2
Power of the vacuum cleaner drive, kW 0,55
Total power of all electric motors, kW 2,75
Overall dimensions of the machine (LxWxH), mm 965×593×1235
Weight, kg 140

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Machine grinding (with vacuum cleaner) VZ-879-011

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