• Machine grinding (with vacuum cleaner) VZ-879-021

The grinding grinder is the simplest and widespread version of the device which is applied to the manual and mechanized sharpening of the metal-cutting and metalwork tool, and also to grinding of various details and removal from them of a certain type of a covering.

The machine of the VZ-879-021 model is designed and is made on the basis of the serial machine of the VZ-879-02 model, and is in addition equipped with the blocking mechanism which is automatically switching-off the drive of a grinding wheel during a filter raising. As well as basic model, the machine it is completed the vacuum cleaner.

This model of the machine has a simple design on the basis of a welded bed on which horizontal surface the grinding grandma is placed. Rotation is transferred to the main spindle by means of the belt drive from the electric motor installed in an internal cavity of a bed. From two parties of a spindle there are cones for fixing of mandrels that allows to establish at the same time circles for rough and fair processing. Grinding wheels are protected with steel casings and the transparent screen protecting the operator of the machine from particles of the processed material and abrasives. Before circles there is support emphasis on which the sharpened subject is put. For lighting of the working area the machine is equipped with a lamp on a hinged rack.

By means of extras performance of sharpening of drills, round circular saws and vertical saws of sawing frames is possible.

Technical description
The parameters marked with (*) are specified at the stage of the technical task coordination.
Distance from the base installation to the spindle axis of the grinding head, mm 1010
Spindle rotation frequency, rpm 3000
Max. size of grinding wheels to be installed, mm:  
abrasive 200
diamond 150
Main drive power, kW 2,2
Overall dimensions of the machine (LxWxH), mm 965×530×1100
Weight, kg 115

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Machine grinding (with vacuum cleaner) VZ-879-021

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