• Drill Grinding Machine VZ-889

Spiral drill is a versatile and popular cutting tool, but in active operation, it quickly becomes unfit for use, if you do not take this fact into account, it will simply be discarded.

Our enterprise offers for planar sharpening and a regrinding of spiral drills the machine tool-grinding VZ-889 which found broad application in the organizations which work with drills of the small sizes.

The machine represents assembly with horizontally located axis of a grinding wheel and a mobile block of a product in the longitudinal direction. Sharpening is made by a grinding head which casing is shaken on the bearings fixed on the axis attached to the base. In a hole of a grinding head on precision frictionless bearings the spindle is set. The spindle rotation comes from the electromotor by means of the gum sleeve.

The distinctive feature of the machine is that axes of turn of a spindle of a product on vertex angle of a drill and on back angles, and an axis of a spindle of a product have the general crosspoint. The crosspoint is in the working plane of an end face of a grinding wheel. Pig-iron casting of the box-shaped form forms the desktop basis. On the upper part it the turning desktop with a bracket is set. On a bracket fastens products at the left, the microscope is set on the right. The turning desktop moves is longitudinal for combination of an axis of turn with the plane of an end face of a grinding wheel. To the right of the desktop base on the underpan, the electro cabinet with the support fixed on it for the monitor is set.

The block of a product includes the spindle recorded in a glass into which hole the grip is inserted. The electric equipment guarantees reliable operation in case of oscillations of mains voltage of ±10% of a nominal and change of rated frequency of ±2%. The VZ-889 machine as the professional equipment, has high accuracy and a longevity in operation.

Technical description
The parameters marked with (*) are specified at the stage of the technical task coordination.
Features of the ground drills: 
min./max. diameters of the working body, mm:0,5/3
Сlearance angle range, deg.: 
      main angle5…20
      auxiliary angle10…40
min./max. length range, mm30/50
drill point angle range, deg.120…150
Optical device magnification, times30
Rotation speed of the grinding wheel spindle, min-15000
Main motion drive, kW0,025
Overall dimensions (LxWxH), mm535х295х447
Weight, kg35

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Drill Grinding Machine VZ-889

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