•  The machine tool grinding for broaching of the raised accuracy 3M601F1

It is intended for initial sharpening and sharpening of round, splined, flat, keyed broaches made of tool, high-speed steels and hard alloys, abrasive, elbor and diamond circles with cooling and without cooling.  

On the machine you can perform:  

  • Sharpening of round and splined broaches on the front surface;
  • Sharpening of flat and keyways on the front and back surfaces;
  • Grinding of tooth backs of all types of broach;  
  • Grinding of fillets on round broaches.

With the help of special devices supplied for a fee, you can also perform the following:  

  •  Application of chip separating grooves on round and flat broaches;
  • Grinding of splines;
  • Sharpening of segment broaches with a convex and concave profile.  

The machine provides a roughness of the grinded surface when processing broaches from steel (finishing by elboric circle) Ra <0.16 μm, when machining broaches with plates of a hard alloy Ra <0.08 μm.

Currently, the machine is not supplied, but we are happy to offer you an analog.

The parameters marked with (*) are specified at the stage of the technical task coordination.

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The machine tool grinding for broaching of the raised accuracy 3M601F1

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