• Woodworking machine VZ-335

Woodworking is a complex engineering discipline, including a huge number of different types of mechanical processing of wood from pressing to turning.

Woodworking machine model VZ-335 manufactured by JSC "VIZAS" plant is designed for the following operations:

  • Thicknessing;
  • Sawing along and across the fibers;
  • Figured sawing;
  • Drilling;
  • Turning;
  • Milling;
  • Jig sawing (end saws), etc.

The machine is supplied with a variety of tools that will expand its capabilities in woodworking. The machine consists of a welded base, inside which the drive motor is located. Based on the installation of a planer-thicknesser block, on the wall of which there are terminals, serving as a base for the installation of various devices. The electrical equipment of the machine is connected to a 3-phase network with a voltage of 380V and a frequency of 50Hz.

The machine is used in the production of wood products and woodworking enterprises.

Currently, the machine is not supplied.

Technical offer
The parameters marked with (*) are specified at the stage of the technical task coordination.
Max. width of the workpiece processed by the machine, mm  
jointing 250
sawing on a ruler 300
drilling, milling 175
Max. diameter of the workpiece, machined at turning, mm *  
in the centers 80
on the faceplate 300
Max. thickness of the workpiece processed by the machine, mm  
sawing 80
thicknessing 120
drilling, milling 120
jig sawing 30
Max. length of the workpiece during treatment in the centers, mm 800
Min. length of the workpiece during thicknessing, mm 400
Frequency of rotation of the knife shaft, min-1 3000,4500
Rotational speed of the turning spindle, min-1 1600
Diameter range of circular saws, machine mounted, mm 250- 315
Landing diameters of mandrels for round saws, mm 32, 50
Limits of diameters of end mills, drills, mm 3 - 20
Automatic feed speed at thicknessing, m/min 3,6 ; 5
Max. allowance for thicknessing, mm 3
Main drive power, kW 3
Voltage, V 380
Overall dimensions of the machine without separate units and devices (length x width x height), mm 1100 х 900 х 900
Weight, kg 250

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Woodworking machine VZ-335

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